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Desay Intelligent meet achievement again: TRB fine pitch LED display won the Good Design Award

Desay Intelligent meet achievement again: TRB fine pitch LED display won the Good Design Award

The G-Mark (Good Design Award) was established in 1957 by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry and is now administered by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. It is also the most authoritative and influential design award in Asia, known as the "Oriental Design Oscar Award". Each year, more than 1,000 companies submit 3,000 products for the G-Mark Award. The winning entry was awarded the G- Mark, a symbol of its high quality and ease of use. According to a survey, 65% of Japanese approve of the symbol. The G-Mark award is currently one of the most famous design awards in the world.

Desay Intelligent TRB fine pitch LED display has won Japan's 2020 G-Mark Good Design Award for its exquisite design and colorful HIGH-DEFINITION images. This is the second international award for TRB displays, following theGerman Red Dot Design Award in 2020.

The TRB fine pitch LED display uses this year's popular Mini LED display technology, which not only enables more precise dynamic backlighting effects, but also enhances the display's color performance while effectively increasing brightness and contrast. The common cathode technology complies with the general trend of energy saving, and also solves two major problems of excessive temperature and power consumption of LED displays that have plagued the industry for years. The design of separating the cabinet frame, LED panel and power box ensures the convenience of assembly, disassembly and maintenance. The corner protection design can effectively reduce the impact of collision on the screen. The fine-tuning design ensures panel flatness.

TRB fine pitch LED display not only has a clever structure design, but also has shocking optical performance. HDR technology and color gambit meet DCI-P3 standard, which brings you a real world with its over 28 trillion color displaying capacity. U-level screen technology achieves 20,000:1 contrast, enhances picture quality and restores color, bringing a visual feast to the audience, which finally makes TRB series stand out and win the prize.

Thanks to the long-term efforts of Desay Intelligent, TRB series can achieve such good results. Desay will follow the trend of the times, constantly improve product innovation, continue to provide customers with more satisfactory products.

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