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Outdoor LED display noble --- DESAY M series


You want to experience the love at first sight?
Might see 
DESAY M series- the noble of outdoor LED display.
Her 800mm×900mm finely shaped body can be called as gorgeous as Venus. You can make her to be a big charming screen with 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, or you can have a taste of elegance when she stand there alone.
Her pretty face can be adapted to any model:M6M8M10M12 or M16, and SMD can show you a clear, smooth and delicate face.

She looks gorgeous and elegant in both outdoor and indoor. Sometimes she want to be more sexy with her translucent cut-out louver, sometimes she want to be more calm & cool with her deeply-dark non-hollow louver. You can conveniently have it for stacking or hanging.
Her weight control (23kg/SQM) let us create the world’s lightest but still solid outdoor LED display. While the unique locking and magnetic design can achieve precise positioning, reduce labor intensity, and increase work efficiency. A single person can make the build-up & dismantling easily without tools.

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