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Desay Intelligent TRB LED Display Won the American IDEA Award

Good news came from the United States on October 8, 2021, Desay Intelligent TRB Series ultra-high definition fine pitch rental display won the 2021 American extraordinary Industrial Design Award (IDEA) with its great impressive appearance design, original patented crash-proof structure, modular assembly maintenance and electronic energy-saving common cathode control mode. This is another international award for TRB display, following the red Dot Award from Germany and the G-Mark Award from Japan in 2020.

IDEA is the only worldwide industrial design competition hosted by the United States, which recognizes products and services that inspires and drives industry development, promotes innovation and excellence, and respects great designs that brings real benefits to users and society. The criteria included: innovative design, user value, ecological principles, environmentally friendly production, aesthetics and visual appeal.

Since its inception, IDEA's goal has always been to identify and recognize the pinnacle of design excellence, highlighting the theme of free innovation. Every year, the Industrial Designers Society of America selects the best product designs from the industry and awards them to IDEA, which is published in the current business Week magazine. Apple mobile phone and Tesla electric car had ever won the IDEA.

IDEA is widely reported by the media worldwide, and is one of the three top design awards in the world (German Red Dot Award, German iF Award, And American IDEA Award). As the top booth of outstanding industrial design products, IDEA has great influence.

Thanks to Desay Intelligent’s long-term unremitting efforts in product innovation, TRB series can achieve such good results. Desay Intelligent is always committed to the pursuit of excellence, challenging the limit, and continuing to provide customers with more excellent products.

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