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Campania Commercial ...Campania Commercial ...
Area: 11 sqm
Application: Advertising
Location: Europe
SBC Center at San An...SBC Center at San An...
Area: 356 sqm
Application: Sports
Location: America
Street Advertising, ...Street Advertising, ...
Area: 16 sqm
Application: Advertising
Location: Europe
World Cup Coverage, ...World Cup Coverage, ...
Area: 108 sqm
Application: Sports
Location: Europe
Company News
DESAY celebrates the New Year, while Exhibition only for you.........1-23-2015
In early March of 2015, Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition and D'PES LED Display Expo China will be held in succession. There will be nearly one thousand of LED related enterprises gathered in Gua[More>>]
Desay is a state-owned corporation established in 1983 and has been investing in LED Display and LED lighting manufacturing industry since 2001. Desay LED display sales revenue has ranked NO.1 in Asia and NO.3 in the world for 8 years. 90% of Desay LED displays are exported to overseas and has set up ...Read More>>
Address: Desay 3rd Industry Zone,
Chenjiang, Huizhou, Guangdong, China
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FAX: +86-752-2617733
Address: F27, Desay Technology Building, Hi-tech Park, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
TEL:+86-755-8629 9811