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Indoor HD display family - DESAY E series

What are the advantages of DESAY E series ?
1. Seamless connection. Even though the seam of traditional DLP and LCD is gradually decreasing, it still occupies the space of a pixel. However, DESAY E series 
products can show with seamless connection.

2. Creating vivid pictures. DESAY owns the most advanced dot-by-dot calibration technology, which can adjust each pixel independently and create perfect color. The gray scale could keep wonderful image even if the brightness is decreased by 80%.

3. Full range of models. DESAY E series includes various pixel pitches, such as E1.5E1.8E2.5E3E4E6, which is a huge product family and can satisfy the demand of different customers.

4. Slim. light weight and quiet. 8kg/pc and 70mm thickness,tool-free,enclosed and noise-free design.                    

HD display is the development trend of indoor products. As a traditional high-end enterprise, with strong R&D strength, rich production experience and excellent quality control management,DESAY has been incessantly creating top-quality products.

We believe “Small pitch can create large field of view”.

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